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Welcome to Virtual Assistant Geeks!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Aundrea Aloe and I am here to help you with your Virtual Assistant needs.


I have to be honest here…I am an introvert.  I can’t stand in front of a crowd and give a speech, I am very uncomfortable around new people when it comes to business, as I get stuck in my head…worried about the questions I will ask as opposed to the questions I SHOULD ask!  Which is why I am excited about this blog.

I should also introduce my husband, Mark.  I am the quirky persona or voice and also the “computer geek”…he is the corporate, more serious voice.  My background is in administration.  His, is in sales and customer service.  We make a great team! We met in Calgary, Alberta.  We have moved around a lot through the years, as he was a Management Consultant.  It took us to Florida, then Georgia, and again back to Florida.  We now live in Ontario, my hometown.  I have had to adapt to different kinds of administration work, as each place we lived…I changed jobs.  I have worn a lot of hats!  I have always been a “computer geek” since the beginning of time.  Loved to take courses online to “up” my skills.  Here is a list of programs that I have worked with (my favs):

Creating Documents
MS Office
Mac Office Suite
Google Suite

Wave (which is my current favorite app for those of you starting out!)

Canva (love this program!)

Constant Contact
Email – Newsletters

Short Videos for Websites or Social Media

Website Design & Maintenance

*I have worked with other programs…if your program is not listed above, please contact me to see if I can help.

I have also done transcription work with  I do have a medical administration background, which helps in this area. I should also mention that I have taken many courses over the years, including courses in SEO, WordPress and social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).  I thought it was time that I should have certificates to acknowledge what I know!  I am also a proud member of CAVA – Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants.  You can see my profile here.

I have been helping family and friends for years to create their online presence and thought it was time to start this business, but more importantly, this blog…as a tool for other small business owners.  We will be covering the basics of having an online presence, cover questions about social media and will be reviewing different apps/programs that I have tried to make our online processes run smoothly!  I can’t wait!

I welcome you to contact me anytime, with any suggestions, or comments. I hope this becomes a small community of sorts, where we can learn from each other and offer advice to the best of our knowledge.

*Please note that the information that we convey in our blog, is from our experience only.  Please do your own research on different topics.  We are just putting these topics out there to help your on your journey.

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